Bluetooth Receiver+Transmitter 2in1 Saturn PRO, aptX Low Latency

  • Model: Saturn Pro
  • Manufactured by: Avantree
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Avantree Saturn Pro
Low Latency Bluetooth Music Adapter

Low latency Bluetooth receiver and transmitter 2-in-1

Avantree Saturn Pro is a 2-in-1 Bluetooth receiver and transmitter incorporating the latest "aptX Low Latency" technology for Bluetooth High quality audio streaming. 

Saturn Pro is simple to use and enables any audio device to transmit and receive. 
It can be used to enable a phone to transmit music to a home stereo system or just as easily, to allow a CD player or other device to transmit music to a Bluetooth enabled speaker system or headphones. 

With its low latency technology, Saturn Pro also supports online game playing; TV/Movie audio transmission; real-time music recording, etc. 

The compact design and internal rechargeable battery provides long play time and versatility in use. Saturn Pro is the ideal solution to stream audio without bounds or limits.


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